Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Months Worth of Events and Fun

Wow. To say we've been busy lately would be the understatement of the year. During the last two months, we went to Jeong Mi's brother's wedding, saw Cats (the musical), held countless events (including St. Patty's Day) at Liquor Burger, went to two Wyverns games, one Incheon United game and even went to a Cat Cafe.

Pile on that the fact that I've been working at Hambak three days a week for the last month, as well as teaching a private lesson two days a week and teaching my Vice Principal's son every day for the last two months, and you can understand why it's been awhile since I've last posted.

Let's get the Liquor Burger stuff out of the way first. We've made some big changes to the bar, and everything has been going well. We previously had a long bar stretching along one of the walls. Well, it wasn't really being used. No one sat at it really, or even stood at it. So we decided to cut it out and move it across the room, next to the dart board. We were able to slide a table into the spot, and now have really opened up the bar. It would be nice to have a little more room (not a bad problem to have), but we're feeling comfy right now.

We also got two new beers on tap at the bar. The company's name is 7brau. They're the first Korean company to get a national brewing license in more than 70 years. At the time we got their Pilsener and IPA installed, we were only the third bar in Incheon (and one of only a handful in the whole country) that offered. It's a quality beer and has been a big hit with our friends and customers.

Trivia night has grown above and beyond what we ever expected. It's a very popular event which has inspired some fierce rivalries. Throw on various parties and events, and the bar is really having a good run right now. It's sad to see our old friends cycle out, but exciting to meet their replacements. Such is the life of an expat bar, I suppose.

In February, Jeong Mi's brother got married. We went to the wedding in Bupyeond, a neighborhood that is about a 20 minute subway ride away. The event hall was the same place I met her parents for the first time. So that was a nice memory.

In my typical style, it wouldn't be an event without me taking place. Jeong Mi's brother asked me if I wanted to sing the congratulations song. And I jumped on the chance. We had a CD made with just the music, but the key was very high. I fiddled with it online and brought it down. But when I gave it to the event organizer, he said not to worry and just sing with theirs. Well, I was worried, because I can't sing that high.

Well, it turns out that there were two violinists and one pianists there to play along. They just so happen to have known the tune I was to sing. It's a popular Korean wedding song. So I got to sing in front of a live band!!! It was really awesome. I'm glad I got to be a part of my brother-in-law's special wedding. It's just another example of how great her family is towards me.

Baseball preseason is underway, and soccer season is a few games in. We've already gone to two baseball games and one soccer game. The soccer team plays in a beautiful new stadium. The baseball team is in the same fun spot as before. We'll make a point of getting to as many of those as we can (just like we always have). It never gets old having a couple of beers outside while watching the games.

After one of the baseball games, we found our way to a Cat Cafe in the neighborhood. You pay 8,000 won for a cup of coffee, and get to hang out with about 20 cats. Needless to say, it's totally awesome.

Jeong Mi and I also went to see the musical Cats. It was my birthday gift to her. It was a lot of fun. All the songs were in Korean, but that didn't take away from it. Maybe it even added a bit to it, since it was like a brand new experience for me. Unfortunately, there are no pics from that day. But it was really great, and I'd love to make a habit out of seeing more musicals here.

That might catch you all up on the things we've been doing lately. Like I said, it's been busy. But that's better than boring, right?

There are a ton of pics for you guys to check out. See them all by clicking the links below.

Liquor Burger pics

Incheon Wyverns

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Cat Cafe

Min Uk's Wedding

Enjoy all the pics, everyone! We miss you! We're going back to visit America in June. I'll get you the dates soon!!!