Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfect Bachelor Day

After last weekend, I didn't think a better day could happen here in South Korea. But on Saturday, my friends organized the best possible bachelor party they could have. It was perfect.

At about noon, we headed to Songo Resort. If you look in my past pictures, you'll see I've been there before. But this one was just with the guys. Woo Min, Pel, Popper, Onson, Spill, Jun, Barry and Isaac all came out to celebrate with me. We grilled burgers that Pel made, played soccer, threw the disc around and played the awesome soccer/volleyball combo game.

We even played against some Koreans and had some sand wrestling matches. The sun was out, but not beating down. It was incredible.

After that, we came home for 30 minutes to clean up, because it was onto Wolmido. Anyone who has seen my blog knows how much I love Wolmido. It's a great boardwalk with games, food, rides and great people-watching areas. There's nothing better to me on a nice day than hanging in Wolmido.

And that's just what we did. We strolled around the boardwalk, had a few drinks and rode some rides. It was so much fun, as usual.

After that, we headed to Guworldong to hit Bar Q. But I was dead tired by that point. We only stayed there for one drink and probably about 30 minutes before making our way home. There's not much more that could've made the day better.

Once again, thanks to my wonderful friends, Korea is turning out to be a fun place to live. Thanks, everyone!!!

For all the Bachelor Day pics, head here!

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