Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liquor Burger One Year Anniversary

Thank you, LB friends and family.

I want to say or do more for you guys, because you've done so much for Jeong Mi and me. It's because of your support, friendship and patronage that Liquor Burger has become what it is today.

I feel like we've built this unique, fun community in Yeonsudong. It's a group effort. And it's wonderful how it's come into fruition.

I hung those "Liquor Burger Community Center" signs on the door when we opened half jokingly. But I did truly want this place to be more than just a bar. Don't get me wrong. We're a bar. People come here and drink. But Yeonsudong and the people living here has made it more than that.

We have our events like trivia night that really bring the neighborhood together. Dorian has done such a great job of hosting it. His replacements have done admirably, as well. But it's really his personality that drives the night. I look forward to Thursday every week. And we have other LB friends who have stepped up and taken on roles in the bar to make sure events like poker night, dart night and any other fun times come off successfully. Thank you to all of you guys.

Obviously, the hours can be tough. Going from the school 3 days a week to LB really gets in the way of my sleep schedule. I don't even get to nap anymore! Just a bummer, right?

But it's been totally worth it.

As we move forward, Jeong Mi and I will continue to keep our promise to this community. We will ALWAYS be here for you. Cell phones, bank accounts? We're here for you. Need a place to stay? We're here for you. Spread the word that your boss and academy suck and you're looking for a job? Yeah, we're here for you.

We'll continue to do our very best to make sure no one experiences South Korea the way I did my first year.

I know not everything has been perfect and not everyone who comes here likes us. That makes sense to me. I know even our best friends and customers aren't going to come here every day, or even every weekend. Hey, there are times when Jeong Mi and I are itching to go to a different spot.

But we're so thrilled that you guys spend the majority of your going-out time here with us. You make our jobs much easier and way more fun. And you guys truly are the reason Liquor Burger -- in my eyes -- has changed from just a simple bar or restaurant into a true community.

You guys are the heart and soul of Liquor Burger. No matter what happens in the future, we'll be forever grateful for the support you've given us.

So as I said at the beginning: Thank you LB friends and family.

Check out pics from our 1 Year Anniversary Party here!!!

And check out a new batch of random LB pics here!

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