Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Soccer and Baseball Begins

Sticking to my promise, I went to two more sporting events last weekend. I even went all the way to Seoul for one. Not like me at all, but that's what cabin fever does to a man.

On Saturday, Onson, his girlfriend and I went to Seoul to hang with Barry and Christine to watch the Wyverns take on Doosan. It was a ton of fun. I'd never gone to a stadium other than the two in Incheon. So it was cool to see a different one.

We went to Jamsil, home of the the Doosan Bears. It was just a preseason game, which made it even more awesome. Tickets were free, so all we had to do was buy our beers. And we did. A lot.

Incheon won 5-1, and we saw some really great plays.

After the game, we went out for dinner and beers with Barry, Christine and Onson's buddy, Will. Will is even going to be joining our study group. So it was a great Saturday.

On Sunday, it rained in the morning, but the afternoon was beautiful. So Popper, Onson, Eun Hae went to the Incheon United game. Incheon took on Daegu. Unfortunately, Daegu doesn't have a soccer team, so they had to send their diving team (get it!).

I'm not one to get on referees since I did it for so long with roller hockey, so I understand that it is an impossible job and you can't really make anyone happy. But the ref was duped for 3/4 of the game from all the dives. That's not really his fault. If the player really sells it, the ref is going to call it. Plus if you factor in the speed of play, it's just tough.

But he eventually started getting it right and telling the Daegue chumps to get up and stop being babies. Unfortunately, Daegu used their cheating to their advantage, and got a 1-1 tie out of the game. But Incheon's goal came off a free kick and was an absolute blast. So that gave us something to cheer about.

All in all, it was great weekend. I got to hang out with a lot of friends and go to two sporting events in beautiful weather. It's sad that this semester has been rough so far, but the weekends are keeping me energized. Korean study group tonight!

Check out the Incheon United pics here.

Check out the Wyverns pics here.

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